Spring Weekend: I'm T-Pain, You Know Me

For four years, whispers on the wind have promised the presence of T-Pain. When the predictable rumors once again started circulating this year, we scoffed. Laughed it off. "I'll believe it when I see it", we said with an eye roll as we gazed out of our windows secretly wishing for the prophecy to be fulfilled. But finally. Finally.

The Spring Weekend lineup is here, and it’s hot.

Opener: Audien

Headliner: T-Pain

You’re sweaty faced and jumping along to T-Pain, regretting not wearing the layer of sunscreen your mother always harps on you about. You’ve been up since the crack of dawn cracking cold ones with the boys (or lukewarm ones in your dorm). This is Spring Weekend, courtesy of the Campus Activity Board.

The Fordham Campus Activity Board, or “CAB” as it’s colloquially known, is a student run programming board that works in tandem with the Office for Student Involvement. With a General Board of approximately 40 members and an Executive Board with 11 committees of typically 2 people each, this motivated crew rolls deep.

CAB is responsible for planning and staffing many of the major events of Spring Weekend; from inception of ideas, to execution the weekend of, they’re tasked with ensuring that the weekend runs smoothly. They handle everything from the early stages of brainstorming, booking talent and event spaces, and staffing the event itself. CAB Concert Committee Co-Chairs Mary Munshower (FCRH ‘18) and Ellie Roberts (FCRH ‘19) are the women behind the scenes ensuring that Spring Weekend is the event of the semester.

Roberts and Munshower, CAB Concert Committee Co-Chairs (Photo by Sabrina Thadani)

During Spring Weekend itself, the CAB E-Board is running the show. While you nap away the afternoon, they attend all events throughout the week. This is inclusive of the DJ event Friday night, where they stay up until around 2am cleaning up. They have an early wake up call of 6am the following day in order to set up for the concert itself. As Concert Co-Chairs, Munshower and Roberts are the point people for all CAB members assisting, and for the artists themselves.

Of the announcement, Munshower said, "We really wanted to do something different this year, instead of picking another alternative rock band or a duo as we have had the past few years in a row, this year we have a solo artist! Audien is known for remixing famous songs such as Halsey’s 'Colors,' Nick Jonas’ 'Chains,' and his own original songs 'Something Better,' and 'Crazy Love.' T-Pain has been around for a long time and continues to come out with new, catchy songs to this day! He also has so many classics and awesome collaborations."

What else is going on this year?

Thursday: Speaker Josh Peck (Of Drake and Josh and of Vines from behind the wheel of moving vehicles).

Sunday: Comedian Tig Notaro

T-Pain, baby, we can't wait to host you. But don't think for a second that I'll be saying "Then I'm" instead of "oo-EE-oo" while singing along to Buy U a Drank.

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CampusSam Parker