How To Get The Most Likes on Thanksgiving

By Fiona Shea

If you haven’t thrown something up on the ‘gram in a while, maybe it’s because you’ve been saving your epic comeback for the holidays. Perhaps you’ve been planning to drop a picture that catches the attention of many of your most notable followers.

Thanksgiving day is actually the ideal time to unleash your photo, because, for most people, there’s a lot of down time. On Thanksgiving you can easily isolate yourself from friends and family to compulsively refresh your page. Throw them the, “Yeah, I ate too much, I need to go relax for a minute,” line, then slither away to safety upstairs.

The likes will come rolling in at uncharted speeds, quickly gaining control over your sanity and making you feel more affirmed than you have all year. In order to elicit such positive responses, there are a few steps you must take to ensure that you have the best Thanksgiving day post on Instagram.  

A great place to start snapping pics is at your town’s Thanksgiving day road race. Even if you don’t plan to run in the race, definitely still throw on an outfit and snap a few shots at the scene. If you do decide to run, don’t run too fast - you can’t be so sure of your editing abilities. A sweaty glow has the power to ruin an otherwise perfect picture. Besides, your followers won’t know how fast you finished the race. They’ll only see how composed and nonchalant you look after a rigorous morning exercise sesh. A solo post-run shot could be really nice, but an Instagram with an athletic-looking cousin is a surefire way to gain some attention. A cousin of the opposite gender could cause some confusion and conflict, as your followers might assume this is a “first couple pic.” Don’t be afraid to alarm your followers and urge them to ask questions about your personal life. This tactic always leads to more likes and profile traffic.

If you get a worthy picture at the race, great. Add a witty caption, a few turkey emojis, and of course wait until after your Thanksgiving meal to drop the post - that’s when everyone will be on their phones. For the road race picture, a great caption would probably derive from the fact that you exercised on Thanksgiving and are going to be eating a lot of food later on. So play around with that ingenious idea for a few hours and see what kind of magic is created. Something like, “Now I’m ready to eat my weight in turkey” is super relatable. Be sure to add your location at the road race so there are no loose ends surrounding the posts - It’s important for people to be able to easily understand your caption.

Spend at least 30 minutes after the race trying to get the pic. That should be ample time to explore different angles and settings. If the race isn’t prosperous, don’t freak out. You have plenty of more opportunities to get your picture.

Now it’s time to freshen up and put on your most fall-inspired outfit. Sweaters, leather boots, corduroy pants, blazers, flannels, jean skirts, and tights all really add to the “fall-ness” that you want to harness for your Thanksgiving day picture. Something really cool that a lot of people do on Thanksgiving is they put on their fall outfits and take pictures outside of their house. There’s really not much beyond that. It’s all about the fusion of three important elements - looking good, capturing the fall-ness of your surroundings, and adding a witty Thanksgiving caption. The backyard is always a good location for your shoot,  along with the front stoop or walkway. The driveway is usually a no-go, because pavement isn’t super “fall” and garages will turn off your followers. If you have a garage with really cute barn-like doors, then you can definitely take your picture there.

Of course the fall aesthetic of your picture is crucial, but the caption is what’s really going to set you apart from the other Instagram users posting attractive pictures of themselves in their yards. A few that I’ve predicted to be super successful are:

  • “Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose.”

  • “Already thinking about the leftovers.”

  • “Happy Turkey Day.”

  • “Imma let you finish, but my mom made the best Thanksgiving dinner of all time.”

I can’t stress enough how fun it is to refer to Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day” in your caption. Your followers will not only appreciate you posting a nice picture of yourself to celebrate the holiday, but they will love your originality and wittiness with this one.

Fortunately if you didn’t get a good picture outside of the house, you can mosey on inside the house and ask multiple different relatives to participate in the photoshoot. You’ll need both a photographer and a few people to pose with. Group pictures can be really successful, because big families have an intrinsic coolness about them. Everyone assumes that big families throw insane parties and get wild together. If you don’t have a big family, don’t forget that intimacy can also attract likes. Posts with babies or kids are almost always winners, and grandparent pics usually perform just as well. I’ve predicted that a kiss on the cheek pic, either with a baby or grandparent, could be the most favored pose this year.

By now you should have a few options to choose from. Take some alone time to dissect the different photos - how your face looks, how your body looks, how other people’s faces look, how other people’s bodies look - and whichever one satisfies the requirements I mentioned, post. Throughout the day you should have been periodically checking Instagram to see what other people were posting, and liking as many pictures as you could. You want the likes to be reciprocated. When you feel ready, adjust the brightness, add a little contrast, and set your picture free. Don’t be worried - she’s ready.

As you furiously refresh your “likes” page waiting to see if your crushes and ex’s and enemies like your picture, remember - this is what Thanksgiving is ALL about. There’s literally nothing else that’s important about the holiday besides this.

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